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Chapter: Attack! An App Concept

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A conceptual driver to Chicago Public Libraries

RPM Advertising was pitching business to the Chicago Public Libraries’ Board of Directors, and asked the creatives to submit any ideas they may have. I submitted a storyboard for an augmented reality game that would pique interest in classic literary characters and drive traffic to Chicago landmarks.

The game begins with an interactive map with hotspot “missions” that are activated by traveling to specific locations. Once there, the gamer gets a brief intro to the game from a famous literary character like Huck Finn, or Captain Nemo. The smart device’s camera is used to synch-up to the landmark, triggering the AR level to begin. Game levels could include river rafting with Huck Finn on the Chicago River, flying obstacle courses through the Garfield Park Conservatory with Wendy Darling, to recapturing the Nautilus with Captain Nemo.

Once the level has been completed, the participant is prompted to reserve the book a character appears in for collectible badges and instant discounts to relevant museums or paid events across the city. Listed below is the original storyboard for the Nautilus hunt and mockups for “The Hungry Caterpillar” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

  • Client: Chicago Public Libraries
  • Art Director: Will Hobbs
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detailed image
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